Conditions for adopting our cats

At the time of adopting a cat it's important to know that an adult one can adapt as easy (or even easier) as a young one.

There are many people who take the youngest cat because it will adapt to their lifestyle. But it's not always like that. Both, the kittens that make us love them straight from the first glimpse and adult or old cats, have their advantages and inconveniences. And we should value all the facts before decide which animal to take.

A kitten will give us much more work while teaching, educating and socializing it; not to mention all the inevitable destructions when it starts to scratch or scamper through the house, having fun...

An adult or old cat will be more calm, many of them are longing for being patted and they can be more affectionate than the ones raised from a kitten. The adopting process is faster. Also, in many cases, this adoption can be the last opportunity to be happy in a family.

The cat adoption process is similar to the dog one but, obviously, we have to be more cautious and, as all the cats are naturally curious and the exterior world attracts them easily, it's necessary we check all the windows and balconies.

All the animals given are dewormed internally and externally, vaccinated (purevax), sterilized and with analytical for leukemia and immunodeficiency.

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